The City of Oak Ridge is pleased to issue Proclamations to Oak Ridge affiliations and residents in recognition or in celebration of special occasions and/or outstanding achievements.  Please take time to review the information below regarding proclamations.  If there are any questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (865) 425-3411 for assistance.


Proclamations are issued to proclaim certain events, causes, or achievements that positively impact the community and convey an affirmative message to the City of Oak Ridge residents. Controversial positions will not be supported by the City of Oak Ridge. Submission of a proclamation request does not guarantee issuance.

Proclamations issued by the City are ceremonial in nature and not considered an official endorsement by the City of Oak Ridge. The Mayor will be the signatory of all proclamations issued by the City of Oak Ridge upon approval of City Council.

  1. National organizations that do not have a local contact person, i.e. Oak Ridge affiliation, will not be granted.
  2. The City Clerk’s Office reserves the right to modify (change and/or delete) any language provided for a proclamation.
  3.  A requesting party does not have exclusive rights to the day, week, or month of the proclamation.
  4. Proclamations will not be processed after the event date for that year.
  5. Other means of individual recognition, such as honorary letters or certificates will be considered as an alternative to proclamations.


  1. The request should specify if the proclamation is expected to be presented during a City Council meeting or at a non-city event, although a request to be on the City Council meeting agenda is not guaranteed.
  2. The request should include the requestor’s first and last name, address, telephone number, and organizational name (if warranted).
  3. A brief summary and/or background of the event or organization should be provided, as well as draft text for the proclamation, including, but not limited to the “whereas” clauses.
  4. The requestor should provide a date when the proclamation is needed, as well as the name of the day and date of the day, week, month that the event is proclaimed.
Please note that these guidelines take effect August 1, 2013.