City Council Committees: Charter Review Committee

Every eight years beginning in July 2007, the City Council shall appoint a Charter Review Committee. The duty of the Committee shall be to review the Charter to ensure consistency with state law. The Charter Review Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the City Council. The City Manager and the City Attorney shall serve as non-voting ex officio members. The Charter Review Committee shall conduct regular meetings, appoint one of its members as chair, keep minutes of its meetings, and submit its proposed amendments to the City Council not later than 10 months from the date of official appointment. The City Council shall consider the recommendations of the Charter Review Committee, and submit amendments that the Council deems appropriate to a referendum of voters in accord with the home rule provisions of the Tennessee Constitution.
(Article III, Section 18 of the City Charter)

At the September 14, 2015 City Council meeting, Council approved Resolution No. 09-14-2015 that established the process for appointment of the members of the 2015 Charter Review Committee.  At the October 12, 2015 City Council meeting, members of Council confirmed the following appointments:

City Council
 Trina Baughn
 Mr. Lin Phillips
 Kelly Callison
 Ms. Martha Wallus
 Rick Chinn, Jr.
 Mr. Aaron Wells
 Warren L. Gooch
 Mr. Chip Dooley
 L. Charles Hensley
 Mr. Matt Bailey
 Charles J. Hope, Jr.
 Mr. Phil Yager
 Ellen D. Smith
 Ms. Jessica Hill

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