Engineering is here to assist if you:
need a powerline extended to your site
need to relocate electrical infrastructure on your site
want to attach another public utility to a power pole
need an inspection involving the power system
are building new construction and need to route your service drop and site your meter base
have technical questions about the power system
are adding new electric load and need a service upgrade
have a question about easements or right of way
are interested in renewable generation or grid tied power
would like to request a speaker for your organization
have questions about construction standards and materials
have a question about the National Electric Safety Code
need assistance preparing a site plan, re-subdivision plat, or a final plat
are interested in a security light
need to coordinate work on the DOE reservation
need an estimate to support new construction
need drawings or technical data involving the power system

Drawings are available to asset New Home Builders and New Commercial Building Contractors.

Below is a list of personnel available to help you:

Engineering Division:

(865) 425-1803

100 Woodbury Lane

Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Margaret A. Elgin, P.E. – Engineering Division Manager

(865) 425-1818

Cell: (865) 425-1818


Phil Stokinger – Engineering Technician

(865) 425-1864

Cell: (865) 254-6961


Missy Shehan – Engineering Technician

(865) 425-1830

Cell: (865) 660-8694


Kenric McCay – GIS Specialist

(865) 425-1838