We participate in TVA’s Comprehensive Services Program, which brings an array of the most accurate tools and services available providing solutions to our commercial and industrial customers.  These services include:

Power Analysis

Power Quality – Power studies can address voltage problems originating inside or outside your facility that adversely affect operations.

Metering – Low power factor means that electricity is being used inefficiently at your facility. We offer temporary metering to assess the problem and make recommendations to correct it.

Demand-side management – We will make recommendations on managing peak demand based on monitoring and testing of your electrical systems.

Energy Services

HVAC – We can perform studies of your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems and make recommendations on the best type and size of system for your facility.

Lighting – Lighting experts will analyze your indoor or outdoor lighting needs and make recommendations based on energy efficiency, safety, and other factors.

Energy-Efficiency Improvements and Predictive Maintenance

Energy audits – We can conduct a general survey of your power use patterns and recommend energy management opportunities, processes, and improvements.

Infrared scans – These studies are performed to detect hot spots in electrical equipment or heating and cooling losses.

Ultrasonic testing – We can indentify costly compressed air leaks in your equipment.



Jon van Eek is a supervisor in the department assigned to finding answers to your power quality questions and concerns. Give Jon a call at (865) 425-1859 or (865) 660-8889.  If you would like to make a request involving power quality via the web please fill out the form below.