Priorities were established based on:
Threat to Public Health and Safety
Threat to Property
Use of available resources to re-establish service to the largest number of customers possible
The following priority list is an excerpt from page three of the Emergency Response Plan, dated March 6, 1997 (listed in order of priority):

1. Methodist Medical Center

2. Municipal Building or Emergency Operation Center

3. Central Services Complex

4. Mass Care Facilities

5. Life Support List

6. South Central Bell – operations building

7. Oak Ridge Utility District (Earthquake Only)

8. Water Intake Station or Filtration Plant & Associated Booster

9. Water Booster Stations: Louisiana (including radio sites) and Wisconsin Only

10. Waste Water Treatment Plant

11. Remainder of Water Booster Stations

12. Radio Station/Newspaper

13. Fire Fighting Facilities

14. Multi-Level Multi Occupancy Buildings

15. Circuit Backbones

16. Branch Circuits

17.Sewer and Water Pump Stations

18. Substation 700

19. Traffic Signals at Major Intersections

20. Individual Home Services

21. Individual Business Services