Back in September of 1998, the employees of our Department sat down to determine what our core mission and values should be. In other words, what we should be all about – and what we did that was unnecessary or distracting from that mission. The results of that meeting were condensed into our Values and Vision Statement.

That statement reads:

  • The Electric Department will strive to provide the very best in Electrical Power and Customer Service to the citizens of our community.
  • We will make the safety of ourselves, our customers and the public at large paramount in every action that we take and course that we consider.
  • We will strive to provide reliable, affordable power of the highest technical quality available in the Tennessee Valley.
  • We will strive to provide courteous, community-oriented services as quickly as possible, attempting to balance adaptability and flexibility with our overriding duty to be fair to each customer.
  • We will continually provide educational opportunities and technical know-how to our employees that they may be able to fulfill our vision.
  • We will hold every individual in the Department accountable for working together to form a team that accomplishes these visions.
  • Although it has been over eleven years since those words were first recorded, I believe that they still represent our core values; that they represent an ideal against which we should judge ourselves.

In today’s world, an important part of our mission, which was only in its infancy in 1989, is the Internet. As such, we have recently redesigned our web presence to bring you more and better information concerning our business. We have tried to bring you this information in an organized and intuitive way. I hope that you found that we succeeded and the experience of visiting us was a positive one.

If you have comments or suggestions concerning these pages, our Department or what we can do to meet your needs, I hope you will e-mail or call me at (865) 425-1803.


Ardo Ba

Electrical Director