The City of Oak Ridge Electric Department offers different options for generating your own power, or purchasing green power.


As of January 1st, 2020, TVA will not accept new applicants for the Green Power Providers program. Customers that have already applied prior to January 1st and customers that are already under a contract will not be affected.

Click HERE for more information about GPP.


Green Power Switch allows you to purchase renewable energy generated in the Tennessee Valley for as little as $4 more on your monthly bill. No contracts and no installation—just an additional charge on your monthly electric bill. You can support wind, solar and biogas renewable resources, and breathe a little easier knowing you’re taking positive action to reduce your carbon footprint. Each $4 block purchased ensures that 150 kilowatt-hours of your electricity consumption is renewable. That’s pennies a day to keep you in clean, green style.TVA will be modifying the GREEN POWER SWITCH program.

Changes will take place as of June 1st, 2020. We will post more information when available.

Click HERE for more information about GREEN POWER SWITCH.


As a CORED customer, you can purchase and install your own APPROVED Distributed Generation system. Customers must notify CORED of potential generation systems, fill out the Interconnection Application, receive an Interconnection Agreement, and must receive approval in writing before the system can begin generating electricity.

See below for more information and forms for you to fill out.

Generation System Fees
Interconnection Application
Interconnection Agreement
One Line Diagram Example
Design Check List
Commissioning Check Sheet

Anyone interested in grid-tied generation may contact Keith Atkins at (865) 425-1842.